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In this episode of "My First Million," Shaan Puri and Sam Parr discuss the ongoing debate between Threads and Twitter, sharing their predictions and personal experiences with the platforms. They also have a conversation with Sam Ovens, the CEO of a software company called Consulting.com, who offers insights into his success in the business world and his thoughts on building a community platform for creators. While discussing the potential future of Threads and Twitter, the hosts explore the bull and bear case for each platform, highlighting factors such as user conversion, content quality, and cultural shifts among younger generations. Ultimately, they conclude that while Twitter may have a niche appeal, Threads has the potential to become a more mainstream and dominant social media platform, leaving Twitter with a ceiling for growth.

Later in the episode, Shaan Puri, Sam Parr, and an undisclosed person in the conversation interview Person #2, who is believed to be Jordan French based on the episode's context. They discuss how Person #2 acquired the domain consulting.com for $300,000, with Person #2 explaining that they simply emailed the owner and negotiated the purchase. They highlight Person #2's logical and puzzle-solving approach to challenges and their commitment to finding the best solutions. The conversation also touches on the rumor that Person #2 chose their apartment based on its appearance in a movie, with Person #2 clarifying that while they were inspired by the movie, it wasn't the exact location.

The hosts inquire about the decline of old school marketers, and Person #2 suggests that some didn't adapt to changes while others may have gotten burned out. They discuss Person #2's previous company, Skool, which reached $36 million in revenue but was heavily dependent on ads. Skool, their new company, is introduced as a community platform with impressive traffic. Person #2's dedication to Skool is compared to popular YouTuber Rebecca Zamalo's approach. Person #2 explains their personal investment of $10 million in Skool and emphasizes that they don't feel stressed as things are going well. They confirm that Skool is based in LA and San Francisco, with a team focused on product strategy and design.

The hosts also discuss Person #2's non-standard behaviors and habits, including keeping their personal life simple and minimal, with limited possessions and a routine-focused lifestyle. They recall the amusing story of Person #2 delivering their own baby at home. Person #2 explains that they don't try to fit in and don't follow social media or other external influences. They describe their typical day, focusing on product strategy and design, interacting with the team, and analyzing user feedback. Person #2 clarifies that their attention to detail varies depending on the context but enjoys spending time on the tiny design details for personal enjoyment. The episode offers an engaging and informative discussion on the ever-evolving social media landscape and provides insights into the mindset and experiences of successful entrepreneurs.

Episode description

Episode 473: Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) talk about Threads... the latest competitor to Twitter. And an interview with entrepreneur Sam Ovens (@samovensnz) - who made millions off of courses - his latest project and why he's not into A.I.

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Threads vs Twitter
Zuck vs Elon
Threads Bull case
Threads Bear case
L of the Week
Intro Sam Ovens
Why sell courses?
Getting traffic on Skool
How large will Skool become?
Are you weird in other areas of your life?
Why Sam's not into A.I.
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