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In this episode of The Organic Gardening Podcast, Fiona Taylor is joined by Chris Collins, Emma O'Neill, and Pam Whittle to discuss gardening tips, the importance of growing your own food, and the challenges and benefits of gardening in Scotland.

They talk about planting potatoes, beetroot, spinach, and winter lettuce. They also discuss the importance of showing people how to grow their own food and the link between public health and gardening. They answer questions on tomato leaf curl, supermarket herbs, and using washing-up liquid to control aphids. They discuss the challenges of weed growth and how to manage it, as well as the importance of ethical and organic supplements.

They emphasize the importance of gardening in Scotland and the role of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society. They talk about the Scottish climate and its impact on gardening, as well as the need for gardening education, especially for young people. They also highlight the teaching garden at Sogton Park in Edinburgh and the availability of locally grown food.

Pam Whittle, Garden Organics Vice President for Scotland, joins the discussion and talks about her involvement in public health and gardening in Scotland. She discusses the variation in Scottish climate and the importance of growing potatoes in Scotland. Pam emphasizes the need for gardening education and the role of community engagement in promoting healthy eating and physical activity.

They discuss the challenges of food shortages and the benefits of growing your own food. They also talk about the impact of climate change on gardening in Scotland and the upcoming Scone Palace Garden Fair. The hosts mention the Organic Way magazine and an upcoming event at the BBC Gardeners World Autumn Fair.

Overall, the episode provides valuable gardening tips, insights into gardening in Scotland, and highlights the importance of gardening for public health and the environment.

Episode description

This month’s delicious Organic Gardening Podcast offers 50-minutes of organic gardening advice and growing stories from our experts at the height of the harvest.

The August garden might be bursting at the seams but now’s a great time to be planning for next year.

Chris and Fiona chat about growing potatoes for a Christmas crop and planting for the hunger gap in early spring. And discuss protecting your soil over autumn and winter with green manures.

Also in this episode, Fiona finds out more about gardening in Scotland with our new Vice President Pam Whittle CBE – including her tireless work as president of The Royal Caledonian Horticulture Society and why accessibility to gardening is key to public health.

“Finding spaces where human beings and nature can coexist is crucial,” says Pam. “And, for me, it’s all about sharing knowledge, not just showing. People learn better when they can do it for themselves.”

From the postbag, Emma and Chris chew over your gardening questions including what causes tomato leaf curl and how to regrow supermarket herbs. And you can discover more about a little weed called nipplewort.

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