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In this episode, I discuss the importance of oral health for dental and microbiome health and general physical and mental well-being. I explain science-supported protocols for strengthening your teeth and gums, including how to remineralize your teeth. I cover the best approaches and timing for brushing and flossing, tongue, gum, and oral microbiome care and how oral health is critically important to offset metabolic, cardiac, and brain diseases, including dementia. I also discuss proper nutrition for oral health, fluoride, and how sugar and mouth breathing can accelerate tooth decay. This episode ought to be of interest to everyone seeking to improve their physical health, mental health, and lifespan, given the critical role that oral health plays in all of these.

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Episode segments

Oral Health
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Oral Health Quiz
Teeth Biology, Cavity Repair
Mouth, Gums, Saliva
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Cavity Formation, Bacteria, Sugar, Acidity
Teeth Remineralization, Fluoride, Water
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Tools: The “Do Nots” of Oral Health, Mouth Breathing
Tools: Fasting & Teeth Remineralization; Nighttime Toothbrushing
Proper Teeth Brushing; Tooth Sensitivity & Gums
Bacteria, Plaque & Tartar; Tooth Polishing
Proper Flossing Technique, Waterpik; Children & Flossing
Tool: Xylitol, Bacteria & Cavity Prevention
Toothpastes: Xylitol, Fluoride, Hydroxyapatite
Mouthwash & Alcohol, Antiseptic Mouthwash
Tools: Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide?, Salt Water Rinse
Alcohol-Based Mouthwash, Nitric Oxide
Tools: Canker Sore Prevention & Gut Microbiome; Sleep
Tools: Tongue Brushing; Toothbrush Care
Teeth Sealants; Metal Fillings, Mercury, Mastic Gum; Root Canals
Dentist Visits, Daily Routines & Oral Health
Practices for Oral Health, Oil Pulling
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